Printers will print from 8am till 6pm. If you print after 6pm the printer server will keep your printout until the next morning.

A system of printquota is enforced. The day after activating your account you will get 100 (black+white) pages free. This amounts to 2.5 . For extra printquota you must pay. See below.

Your default printer is the Laserprinter located in the printing room (3k109) .

Fineprint is no longer available. 

The Laserprinter lets you copy multiple 'virtual' pages on one physical paper-page. Be aware that the printquota software charges for these 'virtual' pages, that is if you print 4 pages on 1 physical page, you will be charged 4 pages!

Checking PrintQuota:

Start Print Quota from the Start Menu:


The User Inquiry Tool gives you the sum of all Remaining Pages on all printers (Laser & Color)!

Out of printquota?

To order additional printquota:

-> Go to Printing Room / Helpdesk

-> Go to an Activation pc in this room

-> In the main menu click:

Apply for Extra Printquota

-> Select:

2. [x] I want to order additional printcredit

Also fill in the Username and Password fields

-> Follow the instructions


Since you have to transfer money by bank, the whole procedure may take a few days...

An email will be sent to you when your printquota are updated. Then you have to wait one more day before the updated quota are available in the TW-ComputerRooms . 


Check your printing history or apply for Extra Printquota from the internet at:

Printing in color

By default you have no printquota on the color printer. If you want to print on the ColorPrinter contact the Helpdesk in the Printing room, or email . We will transfer printquota for you. Remember that colorprints are 5 times as expensive as B+W ( 0.125 per page).





Last Update: 14 juli 2010